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Running Time:
130 minutes

Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for language and violence

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Clint Eastwood's gripping tale of crime, guilt, and punishment is a towering achievement for him and his magnificent cast: Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura Linney and most notably Sean Penn.

Additional Info:
Special Edition DVD Features: Disc 1: The film in widescreen format, with audio commentary by Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon. Disc 2: "Mystic River: Beneath the Surface," a documentary with book author Dennis Lehane about the streets of Boston where the story takes place; Bravos' From Page to Screen special on the film; Charlie Rose interviews with Clint Eastwood, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon; theatrical trailer; teaser trailer. Disc 3: CD soundtrack: Music composed by Clint Eastwood and performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.

Mystic River
When they were kids growing up in a rough section of Boston, Jimmy Markum (Sean Penn), Dave Boyle (Tim Robbins) and Sean Devine (Kevin Bacon) spent their days playing stickball on their blue-collar neighborhood streets. When they were 11 years-olds, two pedophiles, posing as policemen, kidnapped Dave, but after several days he escaped and returned home. But his physical molestation and psychological torture haunts the three of them for the rest of their lives. 25 years later, their paths come back together, tragically. Jimmy (Sean Penn), an ex-con gone straight, has a grocery store in the old neighborhood. He's devoted to his wife (Laura Linney) and three daughters. Dave (Tim Robbins), also has a wife (Marcia Gay Harden) and a young son. Sean (Kevin Bacon), is now a homicide detective whose wife has inexplicably run off, although she keeps phoning him from faraway places, rarely speaking. Fate brings the three of them together when Jimmy's oldest daughter (Emmy Rossum) is found beaten to death in a nearby park, by the river. The night of the killing, Dave returns home late, covered with blood. He tells his wife (Harden) that he was mugged and may have killed the mugger. She grows alarmed when no story about an unsolved killing appears in the newspapers. Jimmy, bent on revenge, organizes his own investigation with local toughs. Meanwhile, the investigating cops, Sean and his partner Whitey (Laurence Fishburne), argue over whether their main suspect is Dave or Brendan (Thomas Guiry), the boy Katie secretly dated behind her father's back. Everything that happens in this film, even the most casual comment or gesture, gets connected, and most connections lead back to that fateful day when Dave got into the pedophiles' car. Sean Penn's intense performance as the grieving father, is bound to bring him a well deserved Oscar nomination. Tim Robbins delivers an equally rich and detailed portrayal as Dave, the secretive, dysfunctional husband and father. Kevin Bacon is equally fine, exuding a riveting screen presence as the cop who's doing his duty and dreading almost every minute of it. Laura Linney is excellent and surprisingly compelling as Penn's loving wife, and Marcia Gay Harden captures the torment and heartbreaking desperation of Dave's confused, suspicious wife. A role that's sure to win her another Oscar nod as best supporting actress. But director Clint Eastwood should get the highest praise for handling this multitude of characters and at the same time bringing an astonishing visual style to Brian Helgeland screenplay which was based on Dennis Lehane's tragic novel. The movie is unforgettable and should not be missed

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